About Çağatay

Çagatay Kiliç was born in 1994 in Adana, Turkey. His interest in music started from an early age, and Çagatay started writing his first melodies at the age of 14. Çagatays musical style is generally neoclassical. In fact, the artist, who studied architecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture in Mersin, became more interested in music during his education. 
 Combining orchestral elements with emotional and epic music, Çagatays musical style makes the composer's pieces unique. In addition, the composer, who did not receive any musical education, managed to reach a considerable audience with the epic cinematic music he shared on his official YouTube channel. His musical style has evolved over time and is often inspired by experiences, historical events, myths and fantasy fiction books. He also has a special interest in ethnic Celtic music and has composed many compositions in this genre. The composers who were most influenced by this genre are Adrian von Ziegler and BrunuhVille.


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